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Thoro Credit Repair

Frankie Trillz -Thoro Credit Repair Lessons- Lesson 2

I am back with Lesson 2 of Frankie Trillz, Thoro Credit Repair Lessons. I am here to do my part to solve an issue we have in our society which is people’s inability to afford to pay a credit repair company to repair their credit files.  So, I, Frankie Trillz decided to start a FREE Educational blog to provide credit repair guidance to all who seek credit repair knowledge.  This blog will cover these Thoro Credit Repair Lessons:

In Lesson 1 -The foundational terms – Credit Card Holder Bill of Rights -The 3 big Credit Bureaus -Secured and Unsecure Credit – The 5 C to Credit -*MOST IMPORTANT* How I Dispute Original Creditors or Collection Agencies and Why -How I Dispute to the Credit Bureaus and Why -Key Points   Bonus: Sample Letter for Disputing the Credit Bureaus

In Lesson 2 -I will include a cheat Sheet which will allow you to understand how to dispute and why -FREE Annual Credit Report Application -Sample Credit Bureau Dispute Letter for Charge Offs and Outdated Information

In Lesson 3 -Order of Operation for Credit Repair -What You Must Know About Your Credit Cards -Sample Dispute for Medical Collections -Sample 1st Dispute Letter to Collection Agency or Original Creditor       -Sample 2nd Dispute Letter to Collection Agency or Original Creditor -Sample Default Letter -Link to FDCA -Link to FDCPA -Link to HIPPA -Link to FTC

As I maintained before this is a FREE Educational Blog that will teach all my followers how to dispute their negative accounts on their credit report like me, Frankie Trillz.


Frankie Trillz – Thoro Credit Repair Lesson 2

FREE Annual Credit Report

Getting and having access to your credit report is the very FIRST step to credit repair. I know you may be thinking like why didn’t I put this in Lesson 1 and I could have but there was a lot to study and learn in Lesson 1 which was designed for preparing you to be able to take this step with confidence to get your credit report right after Lesson 2.  Now there are many companies that offer you this access to your Tri-Merged credit report.

These are some of the main website I use to get either single bureau reports or tri-merged reports. Tri-Merged or all 3 credit bureau reports are what you need to truly have a chance to review all 3 reports to evaluate what is inaccurate or disputable in your reports. These sites above have some cost to them. Ranging from $1 trail periods to $39.95/month fees for credit monitoring which is needed in certain cases.

Thoro Credit Repair Lessons was created with the lease amount of money out of pocket possible so I am introducing you to the FREE Annual Credit Report Application. The FREE Annual Credit Report Application allows for an individual to fill out the identifying information and mail it to the address provided on the application for as low as the cost of 1 postage stamp.

Now with this application down at the bottom of the page there is a box that states I want my credit report from; you must color in all 3 circle so that you can get your credit reports sent from all 3 credit bureaus. This is the FIRST step so download and fill in the information and send off as soon as possible so you can get start working on correcting you credit history on your credit report. You can download the application right now here is the link:

FREE Annual Credit Report Application


Frankie Trillz Cheat Sheet


Thoro Credit Repair


  1. Wow! Such a great post on Thoro Credit Repair Lessons which I know nothing about.

    Frankie, I really appreciate the time you take to write such a wonderful review. 🙂

    At least now I am more informed and should my friends ask about this issue they have, I am able to advise them.

    I can even direct them to yr site which has great information for people who are not able to afford to pay a credit repair company to repair their credit files.

    Thank you for yr great post on Thoro Credit Repair.


    1. Thank you Jewel I created this post for people like you who don’t have a lot of knowledge about credit repair and for the people who can’t afford to pay to have the credit repaired.
      So yes please seen your friends and family so they can also become exposed to this kind of valuable information. Peace

      Frankie Trillz

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