Thoro Credit Repair Lessons-Lesson 1

5 Mar

Thoro Credit Repair Lessons-Lesson 1

Thoro Credit Repair

Frankie Trillz -Thoro Credit Repair Lessons- Lesson 1

As we all are aware in today’s  society, we have a major problem with people who are unable to pay to have their credit repaired.  So I, Frankie Trillz decided to start a FREE Educational blog to provide credit repair guidance to all who seek credit repair knowledge.  This blog will cover these Thoro Credit Repair Lessons:

In Lesson 1 -The foundational terms – Credit Card Holder Bill of Rights -The 3 big Credit Bureaus -Secured and Unsecure Credit – The 5 C to Credit -*MOST IMPORTANT* How I Dispute Original Creditors or Collection Agencies and Why -How I Dispute to the Credit Bureaus and Why -Key Points   Bonus: Sample Letter for Disputing the Credit Bureaus

In Lesson 2 -I will include a cheat Sheet which will allow you to understand how to dispute and why -FREE Annual Credit Report Application -Sample Credit Bureau Dispute Letter for Charge Offs and Outdated Information

In Lesson 3 -Order of Operation for Credit Repair -What You Must Know About Your Credit Cards -Sample Dispute for Medical Collections -Sample 1st Dispute Letter to Collection Agency or Original Creditor       -Sample 2nd Dispute Letter to Collection Agency or Original Creditor -Sample Default Letter -Link to FDCA -Link to FDCPA -Link to HIPPA -Link to FTC

This is a FREE Educational Blog that will teach all of my followers how to dispute their negative accounts on your credit report like me, Frankie Trillz so their credit report look like this:

My Before Credit Repair Report    My After Credit Repair Report   *Now its time to get Tradelines in order to boost my credit score up between 700-800. This will take my FICO scores, credit history, and borrowing capabilities to the next level. This is also the process I use to prepare myself for funding. All this is not discussed in this lesson but you can contact me on my email at for more information.*

I decided to put these Thoro Credit Repair Lessons together to provide some important educational lessons for the everyday person, who can not afford to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair their credit.  I designed this blog with the average working person in mind.  This is one of my ways to give back and educate millions.

This material provided has proven to be very accurate and informative. It is the first step for anyone who desires to repair their credit in order to meet the specific conditions for certain loan criteria or line of credit. This Lesson will provide the reader with the knowledge you’ll need to learn, key terms and some important consumer Bill of Rights.  These lessons will continue to get updated on my blog because I cant give all the goodies in one sitting it will be way too much to digest.  Please take your time and learn 1 lesson at a time.  And stay tuned in for the rest of the Thoro’s Credit Repair Lessons because they will help you grow your understanding on how to Thoroughly Credit Repair your credit with Frankie Trillz.

Frankie Trillz

Thoro Credit Repair Lesson #1

Thoro Credit Repair Lesson #1 Information is the starting point, the foundation needed to understand my madness when it comes to credit repair.

The Facts-Foundational Terms – Credit Card Holder Bill of Rights-What Is Credit

FACT #1.  Mid-2008 the U.S. Federal Reserve put new regulations in place to protect consumers from many of the deceptive and unfair practices being used against them.

FACT #2.  Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – Helps protect consumers from unfair business practices. For more information go to (

FACT #3.  Credit Cardholder’s Bill of Rights were signed into law by President Obama in May 2009.  For more information go to (




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