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Fund & Grow and Thoro Funding Group are proud to premiere our most comprehensive Business Credit Building Program to date. With our latest, value-added strategies and service based results, you will gain $30,000 all the way up to $150,000 in 0% Business Credit Lines within the first 30-45 days, as well as a one year business-building consulting membership that will allow us to create up to and over $250,000 of 0% business credit for you. A huge benefit to utilizing business credit lines is that none of the business accounts report to your personal credit, so any debt you carry will NOT count against your personal scores.  No expensive shelf-corporation required. No tax returns or income verification.  And the best part: this is unsecured credit-it’s not tied to ANY assets.

Zero Interest Credit: Too good to be true?

By: Ari Page, business funding expert BREAKS DOWN HOW


The old adage is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Browsing through your mail, you’ve likely come across no interest credit solicitations from various institutions and wondered how they can do that. In the case of zero interest credit, the adage actually doesn’t apply.

To understand how they can do it, you must consider how banks operate. Modern banks operate through the use of short term financing and interbank loans, which are used for lending and, in turn, profitmaking. In other words, if a bank isn’t lending money, it isn’t making money. Since the great recession hit, interest rates have remained at historic lows and banks have been able to borrow at near zero percent from the Federal Reserve. Banks will then lend funds out through a variety of products, with a variety of terms. Again, with rates at historic lows, banks are able offer better rates to their customers.

But still, borrowing at zero and lending at zero doesn’t make sense, right? If you think about other ways that banks make money, it makes complete sense. Consider what banks do with credit card receivables.


Since 1987, banks have pooled credit cards securities into an asset backed security, which is then sold to investors. With over $200 billion in securities issued, companies, such as Citi, fund upwards of 50% of their credit card loans through asset backed securities using credit card receivables as their asset. Much like their mortgage and auto loan backed securities brethren, they’re sold based upon the creditworthiness of the pool. The ratings range from AAA to D, with AAA being deemed the least risky.

In other words, business owners, and other highly creditworthy borrowers, are pooled together into AAA rated securities, which offer the least risk to the investor and pay a lower rate of interest. Marginal borrowers, or those considered subprime, would be a higher risk and a lower rating, which requires a higher interest payment. The bank subsequently uses the investor’s capital to fund more credit card loans, while the investor earns interest on their investment.

In recent years, banks have tried to make fees part of their bread and butter. Not only do they do this to pad profits, but also to make up the difference for lost interest. Want to transfer money from a higher rate card to an interest free card? There’s a balance transfer fee for that. Unlike revolving cards or credit lines with an interest rate, the balance transfer fees may be uncapped to make up for lost interest income. Moreover, some cards also have an annual fee, which is simply you are paying for the privilege of having the card or line of credit. Annual fees are most common on rewards cards which, generally speaking, do not offer interest free terms.


Working with a company of such a high caliber as Fund & Grow, which specializes in helping small business owners obtain no interest business credit, can help you sort through the morass of balance transfer fees and annual fees to ensure that your APR is as close to zero as possible.

Although the zero percent interest term may be capped, CCB Corporate Officer, Ari Page, mentioned in a recent radio talk show interview that If you’re a professional and you know what you’re doing, that’s just not the case. Banks hope you’re not savvy enough to realize that if you know who to talk to and what to say, you can keep rolling over zero interest introductory offers for the foreseeable future using what he calls “exit strategies”.  According to Mr. Page, business owners are the “crème de la crème” in the banking community and can take advantage of special promotional codes and techniques that aren’t available to the regular borrower.

Finally, as a new customer, the bank can also start to broaden the relationship by introducing you to other services through affiliated marketing. As previously stated, small business owners are some of the most sought-after clients in the banking community. They oftentimes have significant assets, are extremely creditworthy and are diligent in repaying their debts. If the bank can create a package of services for you, it’s a goldmine for them; whether it be investing, merchant solutions or even liability insurance. This package provides them with the ability to profit in their other business units through simply lending to creditworthy business owners at rates near what they’re borrowing at themselves.

See, it’s not too good to be true; it’s a savvy business move. Banks need to lend money to make money, and you need to borrow money to make money. The banks simply engineer the deal hoping that you’re not savvy enough to realize that they’ll allow you to borrow for next to nothing, while they sow the seeds for their long-term benefit.

Do you want to learn how to become a savvy credit user and learn how to leverage zero interest credit for investing/business expenses? Visit HERE or call 800.996.0270.


About Ari Page

Ari Page is CEO of Fund & Grow, a company that helps small businesses raise unsecured, zero percent business financing. A voracious reader, Ari constantly scours the market for new techniques and strategies to identify creative and profitable borrowing strategies. Because of his unique insight and approach, Fund & Grow has raised millions in funding for small businesses nationwide, with the average amount ranging from between $50,000 and $250,000.

Is Now a Good Time to Get Started With Credit Card Borrowing?

By: Ari Page, business funding expert LET’S YOU KNOW WHY NOW

With an improvement in the current economic outlook and market liquidity conditions, banks are now looking at growth options to increase their earnings. As a response to greater competition and changes in risk appetite, banks and federal associations have eased underwriting standards to expand their loan portfolio and achieve expansion. This spells good news for start-ups or small businesses looking for funds, as availing finance just got easier.

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, one way in which you can avail finance to fund your operations or get your business off the ground is through credit card borrowing. One advantage with using credit cards is that it removes the need to get costly funding from investors. Moreover, you can draw down as much money as you require, as and when you want it, provided that it is within a certain limit.


According to the 19th annual Survey of Credit Underwriting Practices conducted by The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), during the period ending June 30, 2013, credit cards were among the loan products that experienced the maximum easing of underwriting standards. The survey shows that during this time, 33 percent of the banks under examination eased lending protocols for credit cards, while 54 percent kept them unchanged.

Most banks relaxed underwriting standards through changes in credit lines, pricing and fees, scorecard cut-offs, debt-to-income ratios, and documentation requirements, making borrowing through the credit card route much simpler and cost effective than before. This trend is expected to continue, with more banks slated to increase their exposure to this product segment. The perception of risk towards this segment from the bank’s point of view has also stabilized, with the result that they are now willing to allocate a larger percentage of their loan portfolio towards credit card loans.


Small business owners have additional reasons to celebrate, as another segment in the loan portfolio of banks that has received a boost is the small business loans division. Since 2012, 79 percent of the banks under survey reported unchanged standards for this division, while 21 percent actually eased lending protocols. Moreover, with improved economic conditions, the level of small business credit risk at 81 percent of the banks surveyed has declined or remained the same.

Thus, in the current economic scenario, banks and federal institutions are eager to expand their business by offering credit cards and small business loans at highly competitive rates. If you have been looking for an opportunity to start or extend your business, but have been unable to do so due to lack of funds, now is your chance. Visit HERE or call 800.996.0270.



Why Businesses Should Never Borrow Using Credit Cards

By: Ari Page, business funding expert ON WHY BUSINESS CREDIT CARDS


I never advocate that anyone borrow just to borrow. But if you need capital to flip houses, make payroll, invest in something that you know will reap a short-term profit, then you need access to capital. In the past few years, even though money has been tight, there have always been options. Banks always need to lend to stay in business. You just need to know where to look.

Act I: Grandmother Isn’t Always Right

One of Steve Martin’s earliest routines went something like this. “I’ll never forget what my grandmother taught me. She said ‘Always…,’ no wait…, ‘Never…,’ no it was, ‘Always take a litter bag in your car. It doesn’t take up much room and when it gets full you can just toss it out the window.'”

That comes to mind when I hear people say things like, “Never… amass credit card debt.” If you can get better terms on a credit card than on a bank loan or a mortgage, than heck yeah you should amass credit card debt. If you borrow on a credit card at X% interest and make Y% with that money, where Y is greater than X, then let’s do that all day long!

And guess what. Ever since the current economic outlook improved and the market eased up, banks have been looking various ways to increase their earnings. Banks and federal associations are not quite as anal in their approach to risk, and want to find ways to generate some more business. The result is that some avenues of acquiring financing are now easier than ever.


One of the easiest, and, if done correctly, least expensive ways to get financing is via credit cards. I know this flies in the face of everything we’ve ever been told. Sure, many credit card companies still charge near-usurious interest rates, and most of us would be hard-pressed to make good use of capital at 20% and higher interest. But guess what. There are thousands of credit card offers at favorable rates for small businesses.

In fact, when the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency released their 19th annual “Survey of Credit Underwriting Practices” during the period ending June 30, 2013, they reported that among all loan products, credit cards had the greatest easing of underwriting standards.

Act II: Sometimes Things Too Good to Be True Are, in Fact, True

You’ve gotten another no interest credit card offer in the mail. “Sure,” you sardonically think. “Add in those hidden fees and crazy post-promotional-period interest rates and I’ll be giving them my house, car and boat in 12 months.”

But many of these offers are bonafide, great deals! And if you can benefit from access to financing, you should jump on these.

“But how does that even make sense for the bank?” you might say. Excellent question. The thing is, if banks don’t lend money, they don’t make money. Banks themselves can borrow at historic lows (they borrow at near zero percent from the Federal Reserve!), so they have access to lots of capital. Add this to the notion that banks have a lot of ways to make money, and you can start to see how this makes sense.


Banks want to have a relationship with you – and if they already have a relationship with you, they want to surround you with services that will keep you from going to the competition. So, providing you with great credit card offers costs them very little, and allows them to start shoving other promotions into your mailbox.

Moreover, although many zero percent interest terms appear to be capped, I am here to tell you unequivocally that if you know what you’re doing, that’s just not the case. Banks hope you’re not savvy enough to realize that if you know who to talk to and what to say, you can keep rolling over zero interest introductory offers for the foreseeable future. Business owners are the “crème de la crème” in the banking community and can take advantage of special promotional codes and techniques that aren’t available to the regular borrower.

Act III: Get Some

Here are some things you can do to take advantage of low- and zero-interest credit cards.

  1. If you don’t have a business entity, get one. It’s easy to acquire and anyone can do it. You want to be smart about it, as some entities are far more lendable than others. For example, having Marketing/Advertising or Business Management in your business name, indicates you are (on average) a better risk than someone with Real Estate in their title. There are also important nuances in terms of what type of entity you set up.
  2. Know how to elucidate what your business does. If you’re stuttering, stammering or seem unsure of your business, don’t expect the bank to lend to you.
  3. If you have personal credit issues, get them cleaned up. There are many agencies, such as Kaydem Credit Help or Thoro Credit Repair, that can assist you.
  4. Search the web for credit card offers for businesses.
  5. Do your homework to sort through various offers, identifying any hidden fees.
  6. Explore existing relationships and see what they’re willing to do. I once went to my bank to open up a checking account and was offered a $17,000 credit card for being a loyal customer.
  7. Consider requesting line increases or exploring promotional rates for those cards that you already have. Many banks won’t hesitate to reward good customers with increased credit lines.
  8. If you’re looking for low interest business credit lines, visit HERE or call 800.996.0270.

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Included Services

  1. One-on-One Comprehensive Business Credit Consultation with a Fund & Grow credit expert. We will develop an individualized funding plan to maximize the
    credit building process.

    • During the 12-month Membership you will continue to receive one-on-one consultations, as well as up to and over $250k in business credit as well as the services listed below. 
    • If you choose to exercise our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee you will walk away with a minimum of a FREE credit consultation, tri-merge credit report, and strategies on how to create large amounts of business credit – without tax returns – at no charge! (No credit will be extended)
  2. $250k of Business Credit using 0% Credit Cards, with most clients achieving $50k-80k in the first month. Fund & Grow will continue to work with you to
    increase liquid credit reserves up to and over $250,000.
  3. Get cash off your 0% Business Credit Card with little to no transfer fees. Our methods have shown to be the best and sometimes only way to get cash off a
    0% purchase-only credit card (business or personal).
  4. How to remove credit inquires within 45 days. This service gives you an easy to follow step-by-step method essential to accessing ample funds via Business
    Credit Cards. Normally valued at $350 or more – free to F&G members.
  5. Fund & Grow will create Individual EIN numbers (Tax ID) for each client. This EIN will match your years in business for the purpose of applying to 0% Business Credit, and keeping the accounts off your personal credit report. Additionally, we will create a complimentary entity for you: LLC, C-CORP, S-CORP, etc. (You only pay state filing fees).
  6. Clients with poor credit are assisted with implementation strategies to remove derogatory credit items.  We provide referral to a credit restoration company at discounted rates provided exclusively to our members. For minor items, our consultants can give effective and proven strategies to remove negative items yourself.
  7. Fund & Grow has an information-packed Premium Newsletter released each month. Our newsletter is a must-read for all business owners and entrepreneurs. We offer insight in business innovation, money saving strategies, business and personal credit card offers, new financial opportunities with governmental policy changes, and complimentary vacation condos (See below for details). The first month’s Newsletter is free and includes access to our database of previous issues.
  8. Complete Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Credit Building Program (D&B)
    As a member of Fund & Grow, your business will be given a free membership to our D&B Program to assist in building non-recourse-credit (no personal credit or SSN necessary). There is no personal guarantee on this type of funding.
    – This is an A-to-Z program; you may use it on as many different corporations as you would like as the process is easily repeated for maximum returns.
    – This program will teach you how to create a high PAYDEX score and other useful corporate credit strategies.
    – Obtain an additional $50,000 (or more) of vendor credit in about five to six months. Keep in mind, this is in addition to the $50k-$250k of 0% business cash credit


Also Available: Performance Based Pay-As-You-Go

For qualified clients, Fund & Grow offers a pay-for-performance guaranteed solution. With this expedited option, clients can begin receiving funding in as little as 15 days. There is no upfront fee, clients pay a fee on the back end based on the amount of funding obtained.

  •  Accelerated funding solution: This expedited system is designed to provide up to $250,000 fast for those
    who qualify.
  •  Deposit is fully refundable if you do not receive credit.
  •  For those who do not need the long term consulting as part of the 12 month membership.

You can watch a video about these services and get Prequalified at this link here:  How To get Prequalified

We look forward to helping you achieve your ultimate business goals and guaranteeing your continued success!

“Fund & Grow has helped save my businesses. I used a retired librarian as a credit partner and with the first batch we have over $120,000. They under promised and over delivered! This all happened in less than two months and the first month I was finding my credit partner. This should be your first and last stop for building business credit.

SECOND BATCH UPDATE: My second batch is wrapping up and I now have over $200,000 in total 0% business credit and climbing! Fund & Grow is not just changing my business it is changing lives. Thank you!”

– Seth Himrod,
MidWest Social Media Consulting &
MW Realty Advisors, LLC

For More Clients Testimonials Click here:  

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We also provide referral to a credit help company at discounted rates depending on the level of severity.


  1. HI Frankie! I think its a good choice to offer pay as you go. It’s definitely a win-win solution because its based on performance. Find and Grow is definitely something I am interested in as an online entrepreneur. I’ve never really thought about business credit could benefit me as an online entrepreneur. Do you have any suggestions? And is this service available for newbie entrepreneurs?

    1. Thank You Jamie Clay for visiting my website and commenting on my page. I am happy that I could expose you to a new way of looking at your online business and its business credit. My suggestion to you is to visit this link and check out the videos and do your research to see if you can benefit from using this great opportunity. This service is available to newbies entrepreneurs as well as vetted entrepreneurs and its will be a great educational and business experience for anyone seeking to raise their financial understanding of business credit. This opportunity will also give you the much needed available capital to operate and grow your business. I want to wish you much success with all of your present and future business ventures. Peace and Blessings

      Frankie Trillz

  2. Now this really piqued my interest because I have been in the process of building my business credit currently. I have found it to be a very expensive as well as time consuming event. The smallest package I found with Dunn and Bradstreet was somewhere in the range of $1500 which would allow me to list a maximum of 10 creditors. I am very interested in what you have to offer and have bookmarked your site and I’m going through the video now. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

    1. Thank you for your comment and the fact that this information brings value to you is a blessing. It is great to hear that you are building business credit.  Dun and Bradstreet have some good Business Credit Packages that will assist in improving your paydex score but they will not give you all these jewels that will be needed and taught to you about acquiring larger lines of credit and how to pull the entire cash line off the card at little to no cost.  They will not talk directly to the creditor for you either that will be up to the business owner (You) and if you don’t know what to say and what to ask for when in negotiation with the creditor you will end up with small lines not even worth having. Having Good personal credit is important as well even though you will establish your business credit worthiness so it can stand on its own. So be mindful of your personal credit when acquiring business credit because if your business needs a PG Personal Guarantee then your personal credit history and score will play a major roll in your interest rate. Well I’m here in Wealthy Affiliate and if you ever want to chat PM me anytime. and you can check out the information on my blog roll about business Lines of Credit.  I will also be adding some free information on how to build business credit in the near future as well so thanks again. Peace and Blessings

      Fund and Grow Zero Interest Financing

      Frankie Trillz

  3. I find this interesting article and I would like to read more on pay as you go. I feel this is a nice way of investment because there are no much risks as there is in many other programs out there. I would hesitate if I was to pay anything upfront because I would like to know how it works before I commit myself as a premium member.

    I’m still new to online business and I would need your advice. Which is better and manageable for beginners between the fund and grow and affiliate marketing? I just want to be sure that I’m making the right decision.

    Thanks a lot for your good article. It is quite informative and I really appreciate your effort.

    1. I can say This is a great opportunity and once a person business has established a relationship with their personal consultant who will guide and speak up for you with the different lending institutions and who will make sure you get your funding by making sure you have all the criteria needed to make sure you can get what you need to grow your business. This will build a trust factor for the next year of funding. I encourage people to fill out the prequalify information and then follow up to see if this will be a good situation for them. I have more information on my post on my website as well. So check it out and follow up with me. Ok thank you Peace and Blessings 


  4. Thank you for introducing me to Find & Grow. I guess this is one of the great options on the internet that helps you fund your business.
    After reading many of the testimonials provided by Find & Grow users, I think Fund and Grow is really good.
    I am a complete beginner in business credits and I have no idea how it works. Is Fund and Grow still suitable for me?

    1. Thank you for your comment as you can see this is a great opportunity for any level of business owner. The assistant, consultation, and education that  a client receives from this program is priceless so I encourage everyone to go through the process either paid or pay as you go either way get the experience because it’s need to help grow your financial education and your funding capital. Micheal if you want to have available capital to grow your business or invest in any opportunity to make money I will get these lines of credit and the understanding of how to you them to your business’s advantage. Do it now don’t wait. Hit the link to prequalify peace

  5. Hi Frankie,
    This is a really comprehensive and interesting post. It has given plenty of food for thought. Lots of this is new to me, so thank you for the information

    Best regards

  6. Thank you Sean, I know this is new information to a lot of people because this system don’t teach us this in school and its information that only the people who know of it look for. So my purpose with this site is to expose the information and have it where we as the people can use these products and services as well. Thanks again hope you visit again and tell a friend 1Love4Like

    1. Thank you many people don’t understand business credit so they do deal with it. If they know better they would use it because its the way all business really does business. Thanks for visiting tell a friend about my website peace

  7. Very interesting article, didn’t know a whole lot on this subject but now I feel I have been educated. Thank you very much for this
    Mr. Trillz

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