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We are the link between your business and the funding products needed for your business growth.Funding Available


Term Financing

Term Financing funding is considered an installment loan which have low annual interest rate depending on financing factors and monthly term. Term can be short or long term depending on what works best for your company. These type of loans create great opportunity for business owners to purchase merchandise, grow your business, or expand. TFG will find you the term that works best for your business today.


Lines of Credit

Lines of Credit Funding is consider as a revolving line of credit for your business which have low annual percentage rate. This line of credit creates a great opportunity for your business because it allow you to be able to take instant advantage of purchasing opportunities, investment opportunities, and it also have your business ready for any unexpected business cost. TFG will get you the high line of credit to increase your business access to available capital.Lines of Credit


Equipment Financing/Leasing

Equipment Financing/Leasing funding Is consider as an installment or leasing. This is a great way to take advantage of acquiring the equipment needed to operate your business without having to come up with a large sum of capital. Your business can finance its needed equipment with little or no money down. The approval process is fast and there are tax advantage and affordable payment schedule’s. Thoro Funding Group will find the equipment financing or leasing needed to grow your business.


Accounts Receivable Financing

With Accounts Receivable Financing in all businesses service or merchandise sells when an account is created for a customer to pay 90-120 day later with an invoice this causes a shortage of funds for your business. Thoro Funding Group can find you a Lender who will provide you with a line of credit based on these accounts receivable’s.


Franchise Financing

Franchise Financing depends largely on the franchisor. The Lender know all about the franchise needs and expectations so the evaluation depends all on the individual acquiring the funding for the franchise. This is a great way to fund your franchise because the Lender will fund the entire startup. The process is fast and if its for you TFG will assist you in acquiring the funding.



SBA type of funding is a government backed installment loan. This loan has the lowest interest rate and are long terms which means low payments. In order to get loans over $25,000 your business must have been doing business for at least two years. Collateral is required with these type of loans over $25,000. If you fit the requirements TFG will get you the funding needed.


Medical Practice Financing

Medical Practice Financing are usually an installment loan with a term up to 10 years. This loan is a great opportunity for your medical practice business because you will be able to fund new opportunities, acquire needed equipment, and do upgrades to your facility. If this is a perfect fit for you Thoro Funding Group will get this funding for you today.


Commercial Financing

Commercial Financing are dedicated for large Real Estate projects. If your business is doing a new development or purchasing commercial real estate there is funding to make this happen. These are low interest large installment loans. If this is what your business need TFG can make this your reality today.


Approved Finances