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Fund and Grow Zero Interest Financing

Fund and Grow: Zero Interest Financing

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Zero Interest Credit: Too good to be true?

By: Ari Page, business funding expert BREAKS DOWN HOW



It’s not too good to be true; it’s a savvy business move. Banks need to lend money to make money, and you need to borrow money to make money. The banks simply engineer the deal hoping that you’re not savvy enough to realize that they’ll allow you to borrow for next to nothing, while they sow the seeds for their long-term benefit.

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About Ari Page

Ari Page is CEO of Fund & Grow, a company that helps small businesses raise unsecured, zero percent business financing. A voracious reader, Ari constantly scours the market for new techniques and strategies to identify creative and profitable borrowing strategies. Because of his unique insight and approach, Fund & Grow has raised millions in funding for small businesses nationwide, with the average amount ranging from between $50,000 and $250,000.

Is Now a Good Time to Get Started With Credit Card Borrowing?

By: Ari Page, business funding expert LET’S YOU KNOW WHY NOW

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Why Businesses Should Never Borrow Using Credit Cards

By: Ari Page, business funding expert ON WHY BUSINESS CREDIT CARDS FULL ARTICLE


I never advocate that anyone borrow just to borrow. But if you need capital to flip houses, make payroll, invest in something that you know will reap a short-term profit, then you need access to capital. In the past few years, even though money has been tight, there have always been options. Banks always need to lend to stay in business. You just need to know where to look.


Here are some things you can do to take advantage of low-and zero-interest credit cards.

  1. If you don’t have a business entity, get one. It’s easy to acquire and anyone can do it. You want to be smart about it, as some entities are far more lendable than others. For example, having Marketing/Advertising or Business Management in your business name, indicates you are (on average) a better risk than someone with Real Estate in their title. There are also important nuances in terms of what type of entity you set up.
  2. Know how to elucidate what your business does. If you’re stuttering, stammering or seem unsure of your business, don’t expect the bank to lend to you.
  3. If you have personal credit issues, get them cleaned up. There are many agencies, such as Kaydem Credit Help or Thoro Credit Repair, that can assist you.
  4. Search the web for credit card offers for businesses.
  5. Do your homework to sort through various offers, identifying any hidden fees.
  6. Explore existing relationships and see what they’re willing to do. I once went to my bank to open up a checking account and was offered a $17,000 credit card for being a loyal customer.
  7. Consider requesting line increases or exploring promotional rates for those cards that you already have. Many banks won’t hesitate to reward good customers with increased credit lines.
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Thoro Credit Repair

Frankie Trillz -Thoro Credit Repair Lessons- Lesson 3

I am back with lesson 3 which is a very important educational part of these Thoro Credit Repair Lessons. I am here to do my part in solving an issue we have in our society which is people inability to afford to pay a credit repair company to repair their credit files.  So, I, Frankie Trillz decided to start a FREE Educational blog to provide credit repair guidance to all who seek credit repair knowledge.  This blog will cover these Thoro Credit Repair Lessons:

In Lesson 1 -The foundational terms – Credit Card Holder Bill of Rights -The 3 big Credit Bureaus -Secured and Unsecure Credit – The 5 C to Credit -*MOST IMPORTANT* How I Dispute Original Creditors or Collection Agencies and Why -How I Dispute to the Credit Bureaus and Why -Key Points  Bonus: Sample Letter for Disputing the Credit Bureaus

In Lesson 2 -I will include a cheat Sheet which will allow you to understand how to dispute and why -FREE Annual Credit Report Application -Sample Credit Bureau Dispute Letter for Charge Offs and Outdated Information

In Lesson 3 -Order of Operation for Credit Repair -What You Must Know About Your Credit Cards -Sample Dispute for Medical Collections -Sample 1st Dispute Letter to Collection Agency or Original Creditor  -Sample 2nd Dispute Letter to Collection Agency or Original Creditor -Sample Default Letter -Link to FDCA -Link to FDCPA -Link to HIPPA -Link to FTC

As I maintained before this is a FREE Educational Blog that will teach all my followers how to dispute their negative accounts on their credit report like me, Frankie Trillz.


Order of Operation for Credit Repair

I want to first tell you there is no set order of operation for credit repair. There are many ways a person can go about disputing their negative account on their credit report. Most people dispute directly with the credit bureaus. Some dispute with account holder first and some do both. I will show you my order of operation and how I repaired my credit years ago and my process I use when I am consulting with a credit repair client. This is my order of operation which works out perfect for me when I am preparing to go into the dispute process.

  1. I get copy of tri-merged reports  with credit monitoring from one of companies mention is lesson 2.
  2. I then compare and figure out all of the accounts that are on all 3 reports and then I find out all of the accounts that are only on individual reports and document this information.
  3. I go through each report to find inaccurate, incomplete, invalid, or outdated information, also collection accounts, public account, inquiries, and original accounts and document this information.
  4. I go through the personal information to make sure the name, addresses, phone numbers, jobs, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth associated with this account are all correct and document this information.
  5. Once I have all this information organized and documented I can move forward with the dispute process.

Frankie Trillz Dispute Process Order

I will give you the order that I dispute first and then I will tell you why I dispute this way:




Here is a Bonus 

 The two secrets you need to know before calling any Non-Profit Credit Counseling Service OR Debt Consolidation Company!