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Hello, I am Frankie and I am one of the everyday people who grew up in a family that never talked about finances. To be totally honest I’d never heard anything about finances in school until I went to college. There I learned of the word finance because I was an Accounting major. Even there I did not learn what I needed in order to be able to get a loan or a line of credit. The only loan I knew about and could get was for school which I did not learn how to use the funds to start or grow a business. I only knew to work and get a check, pay bills, and do it all over again. The rat race.


I had a change in the way I see MONEY and FINANCING 💰! It’s the way the rich get rich with OPM 💰Other Peoples Money 💰 


I acquired a mentor about 5 years ago who is a Capital Consultant and Lender who showed me the way money works and about credit. He introduced me to No Doc, No Collateral, and No Hassle Business Loans. Now I understands what we the people need in order to succeed in business. We need access to Business Financing Now and that’s why I started this company Thoro Funding Group. I have made myself a conduit between the people who need funding and the Lender and I will assist in creating the perfect conditions for your business so that you can get the highest amount of funding possible for your situation even with bad credit. So please know that your business can stand on its own no matter the condition of your personal credit.  Your business can stand on its own, your business credit can acquire loans, lines of credit, and more. There are so many ways that a business can be funded that we can’t personal so let me, Frankie the founder of Business Financing Now assist your company with getting funded for business growth or business start up. Either way there’s away to get the business financing your company need now. I will work diligently and persistently for you finding the right Lender and the right situation that will bring your company success because your success means my success. Together we can make it happen.


About Frankie


I will love to hear from you about getting your business financing now so leave comment on my comment page or blogs and ask questions and I will love to open a constructive positive conversation about getting your business financing now. Ok PEACE!


Email me at frankietrillz@thorofundinggroup.com



  1. Hello Frankie,

    Thanks for the invitation to your site I spent some time reading it.

    The way that you offer advice to people is very proffessional. Because people with financial problems loose their courage.

    You give them templates of letter that they can send to avoid a lot troubles !


    Having problems blinds you and you can’t take action because of all the frustrations.

    the repercussion on the family is devastating

    After you advised them you offer also opportunities to save and to earn money by coaching they and refer them to a training that will give them hope to continue and to build something insteat of loosing everything!

    Thats good for your karma too !

    It was a pleasure to comment your site and knowing each other better,

    Greets Attila

    1. Thank you so much Attila, I intend on raising awareness for people and assisting people to become the solution to problems we face, So I will continue to create good karma and bless other so I can reap what I sow. Thanks again friend and stay bless. Peace

      Frankie Trillz

  2. Good evening Frankie,

    We have gone through a world crisis some years ago and still some of the consequences are lingering on.

    People are up to their noses in debt and that is where your website comes in ever so handy.

    It is a lengthy website with a lot of valuable information.

    In our modern time where we have been converted into machines, at least that is what it seems sometimes, your tip to write hand written letters is very good. we revert back into being human beings

    Also that you say to keep check of deadlines, do not forget to respond before the deadline is very important.

    I can agree with you that it is necessary to always mail certified and also return receipt request.

    In total, for all those who have issues with these things it is an informative website.

    Regards, Taetske

  3. #Taetske Thank you for your comment and yes we do have a major problem on our hand and its not just debt up to our noses, its the lack of understanding to the way this financial system works. I have come to understand that with all the distractions and different forms of entertainment people have been program to pay attention to the things that are of no substance and pay no attention to the things that really matter. So, I will do my part in reprogramming my mindset in order to change my conditions and as I progress I will continue to leave the bread crumbs behinds so that the one’s who are seeking the way can have a trail to follow. To Financial Intelligence and Raising Conscious, Spiritual, & Physical Awareness! 1LOVE4LIFE
    Frankie Trillz

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